Barcelona’s attendances have taken a tumble in recent weeks in part due to political tensions in Catalonia.

Camp Nou, the LaLiga club’s home ground, has seen fewer than 60,000 football fans during the last three games at the venue.

A mere 48,336 fans were in attendance at Barcelona’s game against Sporting, while the Deportivo la Coruna match saw 53,607 spectators sparsely populate the 99,354-capacity stadium.

Following these two games, further poor attendance struck Camp Nou for the first meeting in 2018 against Levante. The game, which was supposedly at a favourable time for families to attend, saw only 56,380 fans.

The Catalan club has often compensated for potential poor attendances by selling large numbers of tickets to tourists hoping to see one of the world’s top teams play at home. According to the Marca newspaper, the political tensions in Catalonia have led to a downturn in this vertical.

Of the 14 games hosted at Camp Nou during the 2017-18 season, only half have attracted more than 60,000 spectators.

The highest attendance this season was against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup that saw 89,514 fans in the stands at Barcelona.

Image: Piotr Matyja