The Green Bay Packers has joined the many other NFL franchises that have made the move into mobile-only ticketing.

The American football team has eliminated PDF print-at-home tickets, though will continue to mail paper tickets to all season ticket holders in July.

The original paper tickets are still valid for entry until the season ticket holder chooses to sell or send them electronically through the online ‘My Packers Account’

The Packers’ move to mobile is another step towards the NFL American football league becoming fully digital for the 2018-19 season, through its partnership with Ticketmaster.

In a deal that was announced last autumn, Ticketmaster expanded its relationship with the NFL in a move that would provide it with an open architecture, fully digital ticketing system.

Ticketmaster Presence, will be installed at every NFL venue for the upcoming season and will be used for both games and any shows or concerts that take place within those venues.

Presence operates on NFC or RFID technology, though there will also be a “paper” option for users concerned they may run into those all-encompassing “phone issues.”

Ticketmaster will continue to power the official NFL resale marketplace, the NFL Ticket Exchange, which will be migrated into the fully integrated primary and resale platform on Ticketmaster’s website.

Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins announced today (Wednesday) that it extended its official partnership with Ticketmaster. The ticketing giant will serve as the official primary and secondary ticketing partner for the NFL franchise.

“We have an enormous amount of confidence in Ticketmaster’s venue and consumer-facing products,” said Jake Bye , senior vice president of consumer sales and marketing for the Redskins.

“We’re always looking to improve the fan experience and we’re excited to see this partnership bring updated ticketing technology to Redskins fans.”

Image: Mike Morbeck