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Lisnr aims to beat queues with new audio ticketing technology

Audio tech startup Lisnr is to debut its new queue-busting Smart Tone Ticketing platform at an event next week.

Rather than queue in line to scan a QR code, Smart Tone Ticketing allows smartphone users to simply walk through entrance gates at an event. If they are a ticket holder their mobile will emit a tone that registers with an attendant's own Lisnr-enabled device by turning it green.

The Cincinnati-based company said its technology – which will be tested at a business event in Ohio – pretty much allows any devices with speakers and microphones to transmit and receive data.

"From an attendee's perspective, it almost eliminates the line," Lisnr co-founder Chris Ostoich told the Cincinnati Business Courier newspaper. "It's a passive check-in process rather than an active one. The faster we have attendees walk into an event, the sooner they can interact with what they're there for."

Ostoich told the newspaper that Lisnr is hoping to partner with ticketing giants like Ticketmaster and Live Nation to roll out its technology.

"We always bring things to market with customers," Ostoich said. "We try not to be just a consumer of our own product but to validate it with partners. We've been working with a lot of partners and customers to see what they would need."

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