A new report published by the English Premier League has revealed that the average ticket price for games is £31 ($38.5/€35.0), while as many as 25 per cent of seats cost less than £20.

For the first time, England’s top 20 clubs were asked to provide full details on stadium allocations, ticket prices, sales and the availability and take up of discounts.

The survey, which has been verified by auditor Ernst & Young, found that 49 per cent of tickets cost between £20-40, with just four per cent above £60.

“We wanted to get the truth out there in terms of what it’s actually costing people to go,” Richard Scudamore, Premier League executive chairman, told Sky Sports News HQ.

“It’s all very easy to get caught up in the emotion of the highest ticket prices, but there’s no other industry where you’d just pick the highest match day prices and claim those are the prices that everybody is paying. It’s a much more complex issue. We wanted to do a proper study of what people are paying and get the real numbers out.”

The report added that season-ticket holders account for, on average, 71% of supporters inside Premier League stadiums, while four million tickets this season will be sold at discounted prices.

However, while away tickets are to be sold at a maximum £30 from next season, Scudamore ruled out imposing limits on charges for home fans.

“I don’t think that’s right,” he said. “It’s a very, very small percentage, 4%. We wouldn’t get involved in capping home prices. It’s complicated and to get involved in that level of complexity, with 20 clubs, we wouldn’t do.”