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GameHedge offers 50% refund on Super Bowl tickets

GameHedge is offering a 50 per cent refund on Super Bowl tickets should the game be won by more than 28 points.

The US-based ticket exchange has offered a series of results-based promotions, most notably its ‘Good Game Guarantee’ through which home fans are refunded 50 per cent of the ticket price paid should their team lose by a certain amount.

Now GameHedge is offering fans half their money back on Super Bowl tickets should America’s biggest sporting event be a one-sided affair, although just six of the last 33 finals have been won by more than 28 points.

Super Bowl tickets went on sale last June, and the average sale price on GameHedge is currently around $10,000 (€9,400/£8,200). GameHedge is hedging its bets a little as the 28-point mark is almost 50 per cent down on the 17-point threshold usually applied to NFL games by the ‘Good Game Guarantee’. The mark is 20 points for NBA games, five runs for MLB games and four goals for NHL games.

GameHedge launched last June and founder Warren Friss said the ‘Good Game Guarantee’ idea stemmed from his own experience attending sports games.

“I’ve been a sports fan all my life,” Friss said. “It’s just not right that people would pay the same whether they had a good experience or a bad experience.”

So far GameHedge has had to offer refunds on about 10 per cent of the tickets its sold. The largest refund so far was $3,300, which was paid out for Game 5 of the World Series.