Activity Stream is looking to fill a number of vacancies. Details on all vacancies and a little about the team at Activity Stream can be found below:

We love what we do! You know, it is extremely fulfilling to experience companies succeeding with the tools we build. Based on our vision of where artificial intelligence (AI) and operations intelligence (OI) are heading, a core team of great minds is working hard to create industry-specific functionality running on our AI enabling platform. These are exciting times  for us who have dedicated the last few years to a simple idea. To build a functional platform enabling businesses to benefit from AI. The project has attracted an incredible team mostly based in Reykjavík and Copenhagen. We are entrepreneurially spirited coders, AI experts, BI specialists, data gurus, marketers, business leaders, engineers, data analysts, thinkers, designers, and experienced customer support providers. But most of all, a team, driven by a passion for the discovery of yet another way to make things better and smarter.

Join a group of pretty cool people working on exciting stuff in one of the hottest spaces in tech these days.

Director of Operations
The position reports to the CEO and is responsible for daily operations and support of all staff in both the Icelandic and Danish office.

Projects include:

  • Daily operations of both offices.
  • Completion and execution of the company’s plan for fast growth.
  • Cultivation of successful company culture.
  • This is a great project for an agile person who, from experience, knows the challenges of fast growth and the ever-changing startup corporate environment.

Director of Project Office & Quality Management

This position reports to the CEO and is responsible for fast and problem free progression of diverse projects executed by multinational staff within and outside of the company.

Projects include:

  • Planning and operation of a project office.
  • Quality and process management.
  • Planning, implementation and follow-up to audits.
  • An exciting opportunity for someone with an extensive experience and has the ability to successfully work with people with different competence who with passion work on international projects.

Assistant to the Executive Board/Office Manager Iceland

This person assists the CEO and the executive board in addition to making the working environment rewarding, enjoyable and inspiring for all employees.

Projects include:

  • Control and agile distribution of key information to staff, board of directors, and executive board.
  • Sitting in on meetings of the board of directors, executive board, and the CEO.
  • Various key assignments as the CEO’s right hand.
  • A unique opportunity for a to play an important role of scaling a fast-growing international startup for an individual with great attention to detail, who can wear many hats, be on top of several things at a time while being extremely productive and always willing to go the extra mile.

Director – R&D

This person works with cross competent teams within the company to identify and documents potential R&D projects, research and selection of close, equally progressive partners, and definition of the best fit between, projects, partners and grants.

Projects include:

  • Matching of research, development and grants.
  • Preparation and completion of applications and the necessary documentation.
  • Follow up.
  • We are carefully looking for a person or a company with expertise in early funding of basic R&D offered to technology domain trail blazers.

Operations Intelligence Expert/Data Analyst

This is an opening with the operations intelligence team of the company developing artificial intelligence based functional elements which make up the Activity Stream cloud-based saas solution.

Projects include:

  • Research in artificial intelligence and data science.
  • Experiments with new technological solutions to business challenges.
  • Definition of ways to discover insights to improve daily operations of a business.
  • We look for a person with exceptional programming competence using Java and Python, with basic knowledge of data science.

Business Analyst/Data Visualization Expert

Reporting the VP of solutions and services, this position helps define and deploy industry and customer specific solutions running on top of the Activity Stream platform.

Projects include:

  • Requirement documentation and design of dashboards.
  • Deployment of industry and customer specific solutions.

We need an independent, hard-working, problem solver with experience and interest in using data and artificial intelligence to overcome business challenges.

UX Developer – Solutions

This is a member of a team responsible for industry and customer specific solutions running on top of the Activity Stream platform.

Projects include:

  • Customization and deployment of industry and customer specific data visualizations.
  • We need a driven and independent problem solver competent in bleeding edge technology for intuitive, simple and effective visual presentation of multidimensional data.

Java Developer- Solutions

This position is with the team which designs, develops and maintains the Activity Stream integration platform developed in Java and is based on Mulesoft Anypoint.

Projects include:

  • Requirement analysis, design, documentation and deployment of the programming interface of the integration platform for new systems and system types.
  • Maintenance and development of the platform’s core functionality.
  • Assistance with and development of a continuous integration and automatic deployment of the platform with the DevOps and SysOp teams.

We need an independent, driven, problem solver.

UX Developer – Core Systems

This is an opening with the extraordinary team developing and maintaining the core of the Activity Stream platform for a talent with extensive experience developing user interfaces.

Projects include:

  • Developing a user interface for mobile, devices and personal computers.
  • We welcome an interface developer with an exceptional eye for UX who knows Javascript, HTML and CSS inside out.

Senior Developer – Core Systems

This is a position with an extremely experienced team of talents who develop the core functionality of the Activity Stream platform.

Projects include:

  • Development of the Activity Stream operations intelligence platform.
  • Handling and process optimization of streaming data.
  • Candidates must have mastered Java (8), understand and enjoy a demanding development environment and be turned on by bleeding edge technology.

DevOps Developer

Looking for a DevOps champion who will be part of the Engineering and Ops organization but will be joining teams to provide services and guidance to improve the delivery pipeline for our products/services. Additionally, will take part in developing the operations and disaster recovery systems.

The candidate has to have solid experience working in Java/JVM and has strong affinity for testing(unit/integration/acceptance/etc) and automation. Another import skill is working comfortably in Linux (cli tools) and scripting(bash/zsh/etc.). JavaScript/Node experience is an advantage as is any software architecture experience.

More details can be found on the Activity Stream website

Please send inquiries and applications to [email protected]