Eventbrite study warns arts bodies over in-house tickets costs

Ticketing solutions need to integrate all ticketing, marketing and fundraising data in order to create new sales opportunities, according to a new report commissioned by Eventbrite.

‘The Big Ticket Questions: Future-proofing technology for arts and culture organisations’ sheds light on whether arts and culture organisations should be creating in-house ticketing solutions or using third-party platforms.

Commissioned by leading ticketing and event technology platform Eventbrite, the report assesses everything from conversion rate optimisation to customer service relations, and considers how event organisers can exploit technology to keep pace with consumer expectations.

It also suggests ways in which they can increase ticket sales, including how to convert browsers into buyers and utilise user data and results to improve customer relationship management.

Eventbrite said in a statement: “Modern ticketing solutions exist to sell tickets quickly, easily and repeatedly. However, arts and culture organisations often operate within a limited budget which can mean that advances in ticketing can sometimes be neglected.

“‘The Big Ticket Questions’ debates whether arts and culture organisations are better creating their own ticketing solution or utilising other options such as Open Source software (which can be downloaded, personalised and hosted on companies’ servers) and Software as a Service (a fee-based model managed centrally by a third party).

“It concludes that, unless you’re committed to building from the ground up, third party software can enable arts and culture organisations to meet high user expectations at a lower cost.”

To read the full Eventbrite report click here

The report also scrutinises the prospects for arts and culture ticketing, discovering seven important forces shaping the future of the market, including distributed sales and the growing need to optimise for mobile payments.

Katie McPhee, head of strategic acquisition and growth at Eventbrite, said: “We welcome REMIX’s report and its findings, which gives arts and cultural event organisers an opportunity to consider what ticketing can learn from e-commerce.”