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Notre Dame to introduce tiered ticketing structure

The University of Notre Dame in the US state of Indiana has revealed details of a change in its ticketing system from the 2017 season onwards.

The university announced on Saturday that it would break from tradition and introduce a new, tiered structure. Notre Dame has traditionally charged the same price for any bench seat in the stadium bowl, regardless of its proximity to the pitch.

There will now be four general-admission price points in the lower bowl and four in the upper bowl.

Student magazine the NDSMC Observer notes that the cheapest seats will be in the upper bowl’s end zone. Tickets here will cost $45 (£36/€42), $65 or $95, depending on the opponent. The dearest tickets will be in the lower bowl’s three middle sections, where fans will be asked to pay between $145 and $250.

Season ticket prices in the upper-end section will start at $400 (plus a $750 required gift) and rise to $3,000 in the lower-prime areas. Student season tickets will drop from $245 to $240.

Notre Dame’s assistant athletic director of ticketing and technology, Rob Kelly, told the Observer: “There were three goals… that we really wanted to hold to as we thought about constructing this model. One was holding an affordable price point that would ensure access for as broad as possible a population to the Notre Dame family.

“The second was continuing to be able to offer a deeply discounted student season ticket. And the third was that, regardless of the changes that we were making in the bowl, that we strived to keep the revenue from the bowl revenue-neutral from the 2016 season.”

Kelly said that ticket prices would stay the same for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.