Mobile ticketing app Gametime has launched a new tab which groups together all of its ticket-selling features, allowing for simpler and smoother navigation for users.

Gametime, which recently launched its Sell It Now option, now features a ‘Sell’ tab on its iOS and Android 8.0 apps.

The latest version of the app also includes a ‘Recently Sold on Gametime’ feed showing other nearby users’ selling activity with Gametime.

The Sell It Now function means users can take an immediate payout from Gametime instead of waiting for an open-market buyer.

The addition of the ‘Sell’ tab has resulted in the ‘Me’ tab being removed. A user’s settings and profile information can now be found in the revamped ‘My Tickets’ tab.

Another feature of the revamped app is a ‘Recently Viewed Events’ feed, which refreshes to display events the user has looked at to provide a more tailored offering.

The San Francisco-based company recently announced a 220 per cent surge in revenue during 2016 as its app met the demands of customers increasingly looking to buy their tickets just ahead of events.