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Investors jump on the bandwagon

Greenville-based US ticketing company Bandwagon has raised $310,000 (£249,000/€293,000) in its latest funding round to support expansion into all schools in the so-called ‘Power Five’ conferences – the ACC, Big Ten,, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC – for the 2017-18 American football season.

Bandwagon allows users to customise purchases around certain preferences, such as whether to sit near college students or in a family-friendly section, or whether to be seated near fans of a certain school or in the shade.

It also allows users to sell tickets only to fans of the same team through the ‘Bandwagon Only’ feature.

The fundraising was co-led by the Black Angel Tech Fund and Blue Vista Ventures.

“We want this to be about what the fan experience,” Harold Hughes, the company’s founder, told the Upstate Business Journal. “Tickets are a big investment for a lot of people. Why not get the most out of them?”

Bandwagon recently signed an agreement with UTrip, an online personal travel planner, for its technology to be used to establish a weekend itinerary for away games and bowl games.

Blue Vista Ventures president Greg Smith added: “Bandwagon is a true millennial company that is in tune with what the millennial market is seeking – a mobile-driven platform that harnesses data to build a customised experience.

“Between the data-driven business model and the clear vision for expansion and opportunity, we see Bandwagon as a company with potential for significant disruption in the online ticket marketplace.”