Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s biggest draw by some way according to ticketing aggregator Gametime.

The California-based basketball team are the league leaders in terms of total transaction volume and account for all five of the highest-grossing games so far this season.

The Warriors’ average ticket price of $136 (£109/€128) through Gametime is more than double the league average of $58. The New York Knicks actually have the highest average ticket price of $137, although they did not make the top 10 in terms of total transaction volume.

The Los Angeles Clippers are the team that has attracted the second highest number of sales, but their average sale price is just $35 according to Gametime.

The data from Gametime, which is an exclusively mobile app platform, sheds light on those millennial and predominantly last-minute shopping fans that make up roughly 80 per cent of its over three million users.

Gametime said sales during the last-minute window (seven days or less to the game) have dominated NBA purchase activity during the season. It said that over 76 per cent of sales league-wide have come during the time frame, with 44 per cent occurring on the actual day of game. GameTime said this “continues the trend for mobile-inclined millennials who are buying more spontaneously and looking for greatest values near the start of the events with the easiest access point”.

“Eight NBA teams now show 50% or more of their purchases on the day of the game,” said Gametime’s Sean Pate. “With the highest average price in the league at $137, Knicks fans are likely looking for some last-minute price relief despite the subpar performance of the team overall. The New Orleans Pelicans, who boast the lowest resale price in the NBA at just $27, show 52% of their fans buying on gameday and clearly saving because of it.”

Gametime found that San Antonio Spurs fans prefer the last-minute buy the most, with 60 per cent of their sales coming on day of game. Milwaukee Bucks and San Antonio Spurs are the fastest-growing teams on Gametime, with over 500 per cent growth each year-on-year.

Gametime recently reported that 55% of concert ticket sales via its platform now occur during the week of the event, and as many as 30% on the day of event.