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Viagogo hit by multiple lawsuits

Viagogo is being sued by the promoters of veteran Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina.

The online ticket exchange, according to El Pais, is the subject of legal action by Sabina’s partners at TheProject, Get In and Riff, as well as his management company, Berry Producciones.

Joaquín Sabina’s team explained in a statement that it was “indignant” after tickets for the singer’s upcoming tour were offered on the Viagogo platform.

The group was further angered that Viagogo continued to offer tickets for a July 22 concert in A Coruña after it had been postponed.

“We do not recognise the prices that are charged in the resale as valid,” the artist’s team wrote in a joint statement. “Resellers have no way of guaranteeing that the Joaquín Sabina tickets are authentic, and therefore no one who has bought them can be sure that they will enter the concert.

“In the case of the concert in A Coruña, we want to insist that the sale of tickets for that concert has been postponed, and however and are offering tickets in resale, confusing the public with alleged pre-inscriptions and fraudulent sales.

“We insist that this concert is not for sale via any of our official channels. Any ticket bought from any other system of sale does not guarantee its validity or the official price marked by the promoters.”

They also called on the Spanish government to prohibit the online resale of tickets, as there is already a law in Spain prohibiting street resale.

Viagogo was one of four companies investigated by authorities in the UK last year over concerns about breaches of consumer protection law. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has since launched a more thorough enforcement investigation.

It was also recently accused by Germany’s consumer protection agency of “deceiving” customers by falsely posing as an official seller of tickets.

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