The organisers of the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland, have signed up ticketing website eBilet to sell tickets for the multi-sport event.

Tickets for the event, which will run from July 20-30, went on sale yesterday (Thursday).

The World Games, which is held every four years, features sports that are not contested at the Olympic Games.

It is organised and governed by the International World Games Association and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

This year’s event will comprise 31 sports, attracting an estimated 4,000 athletes from more than 100 countries.

To complement the online sales, tickets for the event will be available to buy in person at various locations around Poland.

Prices range from $3 to $20, depending on the event. For fans of sports where competitions last more than two days, there will also be the opportunity to buy multiple entrance passes.

A separate pool of tickets has been reserved for members of the international sports federations represented at Games, granting them the first right of purchase.

Some of the sports that are held at the World Games include acrobatic gymnastics, orienteering, bodybuilding, billiards and squash.

Unlike other major multi-sport events, the organisers of the World Games are not supposed to build any new sporting facilities for the showpiece.