Championship football club Wolves has seen a 10-per-cent increase in online home ticket sales following a revamp of its website.

The club is in the midst of an overall site overhaul, with changes to its ticketing platform complete. Wolves are working with digital agency Aqueduct, and the project should be completed in June.

After 17 years of outsourcing its site to Football League Interactive (FLI), a centralised web platform offered for free to Football League clubs that want to outsource in return for giving up the right to any ad revenue, Wolves decided to bring digital control back in-house.

FLI helps reduce overhead costs, but some clubs have found that the user experience with these sites has been poor with limited customisation options.

Laura Gabbidon, head of marketing at Wolves, told Econsultancy that the club is working to create the kind of digital experience that fans want and expect.

She said: “We’re not looking at our website like a traditional business would, like a brochure, we want it to be an interactive digital experience, a media centre for fans, the first port of call for all things Wolves.

“From our perspective, that will hopefully improve the on-site engagement but also our relationship with the fans, or their relationship with the club. It’ll provide us commercial support by collecting behavioural and contact data, and also give us more opportunity to commercialise through sponsors.”

While several Premier League giants such as Manchester City have successfully invested in its digital presence and capabilities, clubs further down the table such as Sunderland are beginning to see the value in developing digitally.

Also working with Aqueduct, Sunderland recently unveiled an enhanced site that provides a more app-like experience.

According to Stuart Vose, the club’s head of digital: “There’s no hard and fast way of getting digital right. What works for one club might not work for another.”