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Live Nation’s chief knighted in Italy

Live Nation Spain chief and music industry veteran Pino Sagliocco has joined the likes of John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Carlo Ancelotti in receiving Italy’s Order of the Star for his work developing affairs between the two countries.

The award is given for “preservation and promotion of national prestige abroad, promoting friendly relations and co-operation with other countries and ties with Italy”.

Granted by the Italian president at the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Order of the Star knighthood recognises that Naples-born Sagliocco “has worked at ceaselessly for more than 40 years: to keep Italian culture alive outside of Italy”.

“Pino Sagliocco has spent many years helping Italian artists find their voice in the world, never forgetting the country that spawned them and helped them grow. Italy is a philosophy and a way of life that he carries inside of him, always present,” Live Nation said in a statement.

“Sagliocco’s house in Ibiza is still Italy’s best embassy abroad. Where the products of the earth and music that are both unmistakably Mediterranean are never missing. The cream of international artists has passed through its doors.”

Sagliocco’s legacy includes televised shows featuring international artists such as The Rolling Stones and Madonna in Barcelona, the Soñadores de España with Placido Domingo and Julio Iglesias in Seville, along with George Michael in Madrid, Leonard Cohen in San Sebastian, Whitney Houston in La Coruña and Sinatra in Barcelona.