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Kevin Durant injury hamstrings Golden State Warriors resale prices

Golden State Warriors, NBA’s biggest draw, have seen their tickets drop in value on the resale market due to an injury suffered by star player Kevin Durant.

Data from StubHub shows that Warriors tickets have dropped by around five per cent following the knee injury that will keep Durant out of action for at least a month.

The Warriors were still the subject of three of this week’s five most in-demand games, with the trip to Atlanta Hawks the No.1 draw. The home game against Boston Celtics and a visit to San Antonio Spurs were second and fourth on StubHub’s list.

Tickets for the Atlanta game start at $72 (€68/£59) on the resale site, but the highest average is the $150 for the Spurs match. Chicago Bulls against Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers versus Houston Rockets are the other two most in-demand games of the week.

Meanwhile, StubHub found that Detroit Red Wings continue to be a major draw in the NHL despite their poor performances so far this season.

The team are ranked last in the Eastern Conference, but their home game against Chicago Blackhawks later today (Friday) is this week’s most in-demand game.

“One reason for this could be that Detroit fans want to cherish their last moments at Joe Louis given the opening of a new arena this fall,” said StubHub.

“Joe Louis Arena ranks fourth for best performing venues when it comes to sales for NHL games taking place this month.

“With only four weeks left until the end of regular season for both NBA and NHL, each game is becoming increasingly important as teams fight to secure their spot in the playoffs.”

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