Google has launched its latest reCAPTCHA system that it hopes can beat software bots.

The new invisible reCAPTCHA system will work the same way as NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, but without showing a checkbox.

The service, which began a beta testing phase at the end of 2016, relies on an artificial intelligence system rather than puzzles to distinguish between automated bots and human behaviour. This includes locally saved cookies, logged in status, previous web history, and other details Google logs about each user, that bots cannot replicate.

Should the software, which works on both desktop and mobile, detect the potential use of a bot impersonating a real user, the old visual puzzles will appear.

According to Google: “Powering these advances is a combination of machine learning and advanced risk analysis that adapt to new and emerging threats.”

This week it was announced that the UK government will introduce legislation that can impose unlimited fines on ticket touts who use bots to scalp tickets.

View the new reCAPTCHA system here