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Emeli Sande fans turned away after buying stolen tickets

Hundreds of fans were turned away from an Emeli Sande concert at Usher Hall in Edinburgh after purchasing tickets stolen from the venue’s box office last month.

Around 150 to 200 fans were affected after showing up to the gig unaware that their tickets were not legitimate until they were prevented from entering the venue, the Scottish Daily Record website reports.

Police spoke with disgruntled fans to explain that they were investigating the theft of the tickets from Usher Hall’s box office.

Fans were handed letters to request a detailed explanation of how they came by their tickets. It was reported that most bought the Emeli Sande tickets from secondary ticketing sites – yet, none of the stolen ticket holders were allowed in to the concert.

Meghan McCormack, one of many disappointed fans, took to social media site Twitter to vent her frustrations.

She tweeted: “200 people with #faketickets being turned away from Emeli Sande at #UsherHall #Edinburghincluding us! Gutted!”

Another fan said: “Bought tickets to see Emeli Sande tonight at the usher hall in Edinburgh to be told we had in fact purchased stolen tickets. We were treated like criminals and the police are involved. About 200 people affected.”

Edinburgh City Council, which runs Usher Hall, said: “We share the disappointment and frustration of those fans that have been victims of ticket scamming.

“Emeli Sande’s performance at the Usher Hall was a complete sell out and we were unable to allow people with counterfeit tickets into the venue.

“We always advise fans to purchase tickets directly from our venue or trusted reputable ticket sellers and urge all concert goers to be cautious.”