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Golden State Warriors give sneak preview to fans

Golden State Warriors have been given high-rolling fans the opportunity to choose their seats at the NBA team’s new arena two years before it officially opens.

The $1bn Chase Center in San Francisco, which will have a capacity of 18,000, is to be the home of the NBA’s biggest draw from 2019.

Suite holders were last week given their first look at the multipurpose venue, with the chance to use glowing pegs on a large wall board to pick their seats.

The arena will feature one ring of suites, 44 in all and each with improved views of the court than fans now have at Oracle Arena. The suites also are significantly larger than current offerings, 575-689 square feet compared to 277.

The Warriors, who won the 2015 NBA title and were the runners up last year, are currently working on an app that will help fans properly plan their routes by public transportation or car depending on traffic patterns at the time. The team expects people to spend more time in and around the arena, coming early to eat and staying late perhaps to grab a postgame drink.

The 11-acre development will include restaurants, cafes, office space for lease, businesses and other new additions. The bay-front park will stretch 5 1/2 acres and adjoin to another existing bike path. The Warriors showed where a new ferry stop is planned and BART will be accessible via an underground connection to Muni in the Mission Bay neighborhood, where Golden State’s project is now nearly five years in the making.