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Saracens brings 3D seat view to UK

English rugby union team Saracens has become the first sports club in the UK to add 3D seat mapping technology to its general public ticketing.

Fans can now enjoy the new service thanks to a partnership between the club, ticketing engagement platform SecuTix, and 3D technologies company PACIFA Decision.

As part of the agreement, the Saracens website now features a 3D virtual stadium, providing ticket buyers with a high-quality panoramic view of Allianz Park and a precise view expected from each individual seat.

PACIFA Decision president, Julien Piwowar, said: “Most sports clubs use a 2D flat map for ticket selection and have done for years. But fans expect more today. We use high quality imagery to create an accurate panoramic view whilst ensuring a quick load time, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.

“Integrating with the SecuTix ticketing platform has been a success as both our systems are designed to be compatible with other platforms. The next stage of the partnership is to extend into hospitality, creating a fly-through of the hospitality spaces at Allianz Park.”

More than 100 sports clubs and venues across Europe already use the PACIFA 3D technology, which integrates seamlessly with the SecuTix cloud-based ticketing platform, with partners including Real Madrid and the Stade de France.

Saracens chief marketing officer, Andy Duckworth, said: “We are the first sports club in the UK to show the exact view each spectator will get from their chosen seat.

“Thanks to the integration of the SecuTix and PACIFA technologies, fans can now select a seat and look around to their left, right, even behind to ensure they are happy. Once they’ve made their selection, tickets are easy to buy with just a few clicks. We want Saracens fans to have the very best experience, whether that’s physically or digitally, and this feature enhances that even further.”

Frédéric Longatte, SecuTix chief executive, said: “We designed SecuTix 360° as an open platform so that it could connect with best in class digital technologies, meaning our clients can access the systems that are right for their business and be assured that the ticketing platform is flexible enough to work with them.

“As a result of the integration between SecuTix 360° and PACIFA 3D, Saracens are now leading the way in how fans select seats and buy tickets.”