Eventbrite has bought North American competitor Nvite for an undisclosed sum.

Nvite, which is based in Washington DC, said it hoped to rival Eventbrite when it was founded in 2014.

It is San Francisco-headquartered Eventbrite’s latest acquisition as it continues to build its dominance in the event ticketing marketing in North America and Europe. In January it announced it had purchased Dutch company TicketScript.

Nvite was founded by Martin Ringlein, who worked at Twitter before also launching co-working space Canvas.

“We’re excited to welcome Nvite to the family to join us in our pursuit to of helping millions of Eventbrite customers better market themselves and their events,” an Eventbrite spokesperson told the Fortune business news website.

“They’ve been a valuable partner for some time through our open API and we’re excited to be taking this relationship to the next level. We’re inspired by their design prowess and the opportunity to bring a more customisable and branded experience to our customers.”

In February the company launched Eventbrite Venue, a booking, operations and ticketing solution for music venues. The division is intended to combine the capabilities of Queue, which Eventbrite acquired in early 2016, with its own ticketing capabilities through a single login and interface.

Eventbrite plans to process $3bn (£2.4bn/€2.8bn) in gross ticket sales this year.