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Indian music star’s show cancelled for third time due to organisers’ blunders 

Indian music star Arjit Singh’s show in Nagpur was cancelled for a third time due to a host of reasons including a lack of funds and clearance.

Singh is a well-known playback singer of Hindi and Bengali language and is well-respected within the Indian music industry. He was awarded Male Vocalist of the Year 2017 at the Mirchi Music Awards, whilst also winning the Best Male Playback Singer at several different award ceremonies throughout his career.

It was reported by the First Post website that the April 1 show was called off due to the organisers’ inability to pay the full entertainment tax amount. The directors hoped only to pay tax on the tickets that had already been sold, however the department demanded advance tax on the entire ticketing plan. The organisers did not have the funds to pay and therefore failed to get the needed clearance to move forward.

The Times of India newspaper, citing a source familiar with the matter, reported that Singh was not paid the full amount agreed upon due to the organisers’ lack of funds.

In addition, technicians flown in from Mumbai also cited delayed payments, which resulted in several technical difficulties and delays.

Tickets sold through ticketing website had to be authenticated by the entertainment tax department, therefore putting a halt on any more tickets being sold. This factor reportedly put a major strain on the organisers’ funds.

Organisers have gone on to say that the concert has been postponed until the first week in May.