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Best Union celebrates Build-a-Ticket recognition

Best Union’s chief sales and marketing executive, Melinda Arvin, has hailed a “special” moment after the company’s OmniTicket package ticketing solution for theme parks won the Smart and Connected Award at last week’s 2017 Ticketing Technology Awards.

The company’s ‘Build-a-Ticket’ option was selected as the winner amongst eight finalists, with the judges commenting that “connecting the data trails is a smart move for theme parks, where a big challenge is attracting repeat customers”.

The option allows staff and guests to develop a ticket product that includes multiple entitlements or create a comprehensive visit itinerary customised to a guest’s requirements.

The Smart and Connected Award, which was handed out during the Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin, Ireland, required companies to bridge the gap between data and the departmental silos, using smart tools and digital connectivity.

Arvin said: “This is a great moment for Best Union and our whole team are celebrating! We are very proud of our new Package Ticketing Solution and I would personally like to thank each and every one of our clients and suppliers who voted for us – this feels special.”

Founder of the Ticketing Technology Forum, Ian Nuttall, said: “Congratulations to everyone who reached the podium. Winners included our industry’s leaders, achievers and stand-out innovators, who should all be very proud of their achievement.”