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StubHub and Budweiser link up for $100,000 ticketing give-away 

American beer company Budweiser has partnered with StubHub to provide NHL ice hockey fans in Quebec, Canada with USD$100,000 (€94,326/£80,060) worth of ticketing credit.

The two companies also linked up with several of the sport’s most recognised personalities, including Patrick Scebba of Hockey Collective and TVA Sports host Dave Morissette, to distribute 250 StubHub credits that are valued at $400 each.

The hockey stars announced the rewards through a series of social media posts.

“Hockey is Canada’s game and some of the sport’s most devoted fans are in Montreal,” said Andrew Oosterhuis, director of Budweiser Canada. “Budweiser is dedicated to making goal celebrations that much more exciting for fans, and I can’t think of a better way to elevate the game than putting the most passionate fans back in the arena, to celebrate the goals when it matters most.”

StubHub Canada’s general manager, Jeff Poirier, said: “StubHub is all about connecting fans to the bucket-list events that inspire them. That’s why, together with Budweiser, we’re helping fans who love the game the most live their dream in the arena this season.”

Additionally, Canadian-based convenience store operator, Couche-Tard began on Monday giving away $1,000 in StubHub credits to an NHL fan in Quebec, each day for 30 days.

For a chance to win the prize, fans can purchase an 18-pack or more of Budweiser at participating Couche-Tard locations and follow the text-to-win instructions included on the purchase receipt.

“Over the years, we have seen great success and passion for hockey in Montreal, which is why we’re focusing our efforts in this great hockey city,” said Oosterhuis. “There are over 50,000 fans in Montreal actively synced to the Budweiser Red Light and Goal-Synced Glass and we are excited to support that passion by getting them back in the arena.”