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Ticketbud launches events and ticketing podcast

Ticketbud, the event services provider, has launched a new podcast series for event organisers.

The Texas-based company said Ticketbud Tidbits will be “educational in nature” and is intended to share event industry best practices with new and existing event organisers.

Ticketbud Tidbits will feature interviews with professionals from across the events and ticketing sector, including event organisers, producers, and box office personnel. A representative from the US firm will sit down with a different event professional every other week to talk about a specific aspect of running a successful event.

Ticketbud said the podcast is aimed at event organisers looking to learn more about best practices from experienced event professionals.

“Empowering and educating event organisers is one of our missions at Ticketbud,” said chief executive Kayhan Ahmadi.

“We are sharing the best practices of organisers who’ve thrown huge SXSW shows, beloved family festivals, and some who have done ticketing for major artists such as Beyonce. We want to host a platform that will disseminate this valuable information to newer organisers and planners.”

Featured interviewees include Deidra Sibila, director of ticketing at C3 Presents, and Anne Johnson, associate producer and general manager of the famous Texas event, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

The company recently unveiled Acorn, its new iOS mobile point-of-sale solution for events organisers selling tickets at the door.