Ticketmaster launches 3D Virtual Venue seat view

Ticketmaster has introduced a new feature, Virtual Venue, that lets customers see the exact view from their seats before making a purchase.

Virtual Venue, which was developed through Ticketmaster’s partnership with IOMedia and its 3D Virtual Venue technology, is available for 110 venues across North America and Australia, including Madison Square Garden in New York and the LA Coliseum.

According to tech news website The Verge, each venue will have its own unique layout and design. Potential ticket buyers can easily pan and look around the venue from their selected seat on both the website and mobile app.

Realistic perspective

Ticketmaster believes it will be a benefit to consumers who no longer have to guess as to the standard of the view from their seat.

“Everything we do is to remove friction,” Ismail El Shareef, VP of open platform and innovation at Ticketmaster told The Verge. “It helps us offer a seamless, informative, immersive, and interactive experience for our fans. Offering this realistic perspective of what the seats are going to look like, what the stage is going to look like, that perspective helps fans make decisions faster.”

Ticketmaster says it will continue to expand the Virtual Venue offering, bringing more sites online and improving the quality of the renderings. According to The Verge, it takes a few weeks for IOMedia to map and add a venue, as it builds off a 3D wireframe model and adds the gyroscopic and panoramic actions before adding textures and proper branding.

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