An investigation into staff at the Singapore Sports Hub “looting” tickets for sold-out Ed Sheeran concerts has come up empty, according to officials at the venue.

The investigation began after a Facebook user posted an exchange with a seller on secondhand goods website Carousell who claimed a friend from “Sports Hub management” had “loot[ed]” 220 tickets.

The Carousell user, reseller_772, alleged the employee had secured 100 tickets for the November 11 Ed Sheeran concert and 120 for the show the following evening. Two Category 1 tickets were on sale for S$1,100 (£610/$780/€720), while the original price for that category on Sports Hub Tix was S$248.

After reviewing the concert ticket purchases, Sports Hub said that it found no suspicious transactions for the gig at the 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium.

“While we treat such allegations seriously, we have every confidence in the integrity of our staff and systems,” Sports Hub said.

The company also urged fans to purchase tickets through official or authorised channels, as no resellers have been authorised to sell tickets for the Ed Sheeran concerts.

Both shows sold out soon after they were released, leading fans to complain about their inability to secure tickets. Sports Hub said that its ticketing system “operated without any technical issues and managed the high demand.”

Channel News Asia reported that after checking the Carousell website this morning (Monday), the reseller_772 account has since been deleted.