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Théâtre du Châtelet launches new reservation service

SecuTix, the global provider of a ticketing engagement platform for the culture, sports and performing arts industries and Optionizr, an options service for e-commerce sites, have announced that the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris is offering a new service allowing theatre-goers to place options on seats.

Aimed at enhancing the customer experience, this new service is available thanks to the integration of Optionizr’s solution with the SecuTix ticketing platform used by the Théâtre du Châtelet.

It’s a familiar feeling: we want to reserve tickets for ourselves and our friends, but we’re not sure if everyone is free to attend this particular show. It’s a frustrating dilemma – on the one hand, the reluctance to part with a sum of money for an over-hasty purchase; on the other, the fear that seats will no longer be available if we hesitate too long. Using the new service, theatre-goers will be able to place one or more options online when choosing which show they wish to see. They can then confirm their reservation later.

“By alleviating the anxiety associated with a purchase, we hope to offer our audience members a better experience when they visit our ticketing website and also to give them more freedom.” says Céline Philippe, Théâtre du Châtelet’s Company Secretary.

SecuTix 360° is a ticketing engagement platform offered as a service. The Théâtre du Châtelet uses the SecuTix 360°platform to sell tickets through all channels – internet, mobile phone and box office – and to establish a special relationship with its customers. This open platform can easily interface with third-party digital solutions, such as Optionizr.

“Ticketing systems are bound intimately to sales and the customer relationship, and as such must be able to evolve in line with theatres’ needs” declares Vincent Larchet, CTO of SecuTix. “That’s why we designed SecuTix 360° for easy integration in our clients’ ecosystems, in this case from the theatre website to the special digital applications that they want to link to their ticketing platforms.”

Optionizr was established in 2015 with a mission to widen access to digital options in e-commerce. Until now, only a handful of companies confined to the transport sector have offered their customers the opportunity to place options on a product. Optionizr wished to satisfy demand for this service in other areas as well. Ticketing for the performing arts is one of the sectors with the greatest demand for options. “We’re especially delighted to offer his innovative service with such a distinguished and iconic institution as the Théâtre du Châtelet, and we congratulate them on their successful collaboration with SecuTix.” says Laurent Sidier, CEO of Optionizr.

Commenting on the interface between the two systems Céline Philippe said: “Thanks to the ease of integration between SecuTix and Optionizr we were able to go to market quickly with this innovative new service that simplifies our customers’ lives. The service has been very popular from day one, which goes to show that theatre goers have genuinely been waiting for this”.

About SecuTix

SecuTix is a European technology provider of a Ticketing Engagement Platform that helps organisations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after live events. Our product, SecuTix 360°,
is a cloud-based platform that combines ticketing and marketing functionality, and is offered as a white label SaaS service. Used by the largest sport clubs and stadiums, live entertainment businesses, and leading museums and cities across Europe, SecuTix manages the yearly sales of 30 million tickets. Among our clients are Opéra National de Paris, UEFA, Centre Pompidou, Aspro Parks, Saracens FRC, Paléo Festival, Musée Picasso Paris and more. A daughter company of the ELCA Group, SecuTix has a local presence in Switzerland, France, Spain and the UK.

For further information, contact Catherine Rees, SecuTix UK PR: +44 (0) 7970 20543.

About Optionizr

Optionizr deploys its options system in various industries, including the performing arts, hospitality, and air and rail transport. It has developed its solution to suit all e-commerce sectors and therefore to respond to the needs of both customers and vendors. Its system, which is currently available in 12 languages and more than 100 currencies, can be configured in its entirety by vendors to boost their marketing strategy in the interests of customer conversion, customer acquisition and increased revenues. For more information, contact: