Eventbrite says its ground-breaking partnership with social media giant Facebook has helped event organisers to double ticket sales.

The event management company announced earlier this year that its customers could now sell tickets directly via Facebook.

It says 500,000 events have been published to Facebook since it began its distributed commerce strategy, which was trialled in the US last year, and a surge in sales has been evident.

“We are fundamentally helping people find great experiences,” said Scott Van Brunt, Eventbrite’s head of partnerships, in an interview with VentureBeat.

“The thing that’s interesting about [our distributed strategy] is there’s a shift in the ticketing industry. We’re bringing openness and letting anyone grab ticketing inventory. This represents a fundamental shift.

“Eventbrite will continue to be an open platform and one that heavily relies on and works with the ecosystem. We want to provide a good end-to-end experience with partners.”

Earlier this year Facebook said it believes that with fewer hoops for consumers to jump through when buying a ticket – multiple pages, new windows and forms – people are far less likely to abandon their order.

Yoav Zeevi, Facebook Events Ticketing’s product manager, said: “Our focus with ticketing on Facebook is to give people an easier way to attend the events that interest them and make selling tickets easier for our partners, like Eventbrite.

“We’ve gotten great feedback from our partners that posting on Facebook helps them drive sales and attendance.”