Tixserve, a new mobile white-label ticketing platform, says its ‘triple-lock security system’ can revolutionise the digital ticketing sector.

The platform officially launched in February as it provided its services to a party celebrating record label Autonomy Music’s 10th birthday showcase at London’s Omera venue.

Headed by Patrick Kirby, a former executive at Payzone and chief executive at Savvypay, Tixserve believes that current offerings in the live event ticketing market either rely on costly and time-consuming checks for fans entering the venue, or they sacrifice security levels to hurry people through the gates.

Kirby told Music Week that Tixserve’s slick service is able to overcome stumbling blocks that continue to frustrate event organisers and ticket holders.

“Tixserve has developed a triple-lock security system between the name of the ticket holder, their phone number and the phone’s unique ID,” Kirby said. “This ‘track and trace’ technology means that the rights owner no longer loses control of the primary ticket once it is sold and the rights owner, within the Tixserve ecosystem, regulates any ticket transfer or resale.

“The security inherent in the technology also means that harvesting of tickets by professional resellers using bots is prevented thus giving genuine fans a better chance of getting tickets for high demand events at face value prices. And, of course, all stakeholders benefit from low friction validation of our digital tickets at venues with no need for blanket checking of photo IDs/credit cards.

“The fact that the ticket is interactive opens up new opportunities to further monetise the relationship between the ticket seller and the customer.”

Kirby said Tixserve has also addressed the issue of reliability should, for example, the venue scanners stop working or the customer’s phone run out of battery. He told Music Week: “As long as you can remember your phone number and your name, you will be able to get into the event.”