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New ReKTVenues division to construct new esports stadiums

Esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal has launched a new ReKTVenues division that hopes to drive the competitive gaming market in the live events sector.

ReKTGlobal provides a wide range of services around the esports market, including event planning, investment advice and production capabilities.

ReKTVenues said it wants to ensure venue owners across the US have a comprehensive strategy for esports. It is also looking to construct new esports arenas.

Its service includes the ReKT365 proprietary year-round esports programming product, and the ReKTLounges custom-built esports venue offering. ReKTClubs is its custom-built esports and technology venue offering and ReKTDomes is responsible for outdoor events.

ReKTGlobal co-founder Amish Shah told the eSports Insider website that ReKTVenues has already been in discussions with venues of varying sizes, from small 500-750-capacity arenas to those that can sell up to 10,000 tickets.

“ReKTVenues has already spoken to numerous pro sports stadium/arenas and non-sports venues about how we can renovate their existing space and attract more millennials by holding esports-related events,” said Shah.

“We have a value prop taking existing spaces available inside and outside of the venue to create an innovative gaming experience. This will help the pro sports owners build a following locally to attract more youth and build the community around it.”

Esports appeals to millennials

Shah continued: “We’ll work with third party organisers and also have our own community based events and festivals to get more casual gamers involved.

“We’re finding depending on the location and area of the country we’re able to guide them to make sure they do it right. For example; in NYC, we’re talking to many venues where we feel they will be successful based on the demographics of millennials and gamers who can easily get to the venue whereas in other locations around the country it’s more difficult.

“We’ll work with third party organisers and also have our own community based events and festivals to get more casual gamers involved.”

ReKTGlobal has also unveiled two other divisions, which include ReKTLive and ReKTMedia.

Esports events will be brought to conventions and fan festivals through the new ReKTLive sector, creating new content with “new and traditional media companies”.

Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur plans on staging esports tournaments at its new 61,000-capacity stadium, which is due to open next year.

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