iTICKET offers transactions via mobile number with Paymark

iTICKET customers can now purchase tickets with only their mobile number thanks to a deal with electronic payment company Paymark.

New Zealand-based iTICKET, which has become Paymark’s second electronic funds transfer at point of sale (Eftpos) retailer, now lets customers complete transactions through ASB Bank’s app.

iTICKET’s chief executive Reece Preston said the service was primarily aimed at those customers who do not have a credit card, and hopes the new online payment option will lift ticket sales.

The platform also speeds up transaction times, with previously-employed mobile banking transfer payments taking at least a day to complete.

Rise of Apple Pay

While ASB was the first bank to offer the service “we definitely want to see other banks jumping on board and following suit”, Preston said.

Paymark spokesman Paul Brislen said it was in talks with all the major banks who wanted to develop an app.

Brislen said banks traditionally had not given eftpos the support it deserved, but the rise of Apple Pay illustrates consumer demand for fast and easy payments.

Online payment was Paymark’s “saving grace” to keep eftpos relevant in a “post plastic world”, he said.

Brislen said the partnership with iTICKET was a good fit because tickets fitted the anti-credit card market where transactions were typically less than NZ$100 (£56).

Image: Adrianna Calvo