Ticketmaster Presence to integrate with Lisnr audio tech

Ticketmaster is to use audio technology from Lisnr among the proximity-based digital systems that will power its new Presence service.

As reported last month, Ticketmaster Presence is built on Ticketmaster’s software platform and uses proximity-based digital technology like NFC and RFID, and in some cases, sound. It allows attendees’ ‘tickets’ to be verified by an ultrasonic connection between their mobile phone and the venue’s systems.

The deployment of Lisnr’s technology means fans no longer have to offer their QR code or barcode for scanning, and benefit from frictionless event entry. If they are a verified ticket holder their mobile will emit a tone that registers with the venue’s Lisnr-enabled device by turning it green.

Ticketmaster Presence is currently in production at 32 venues across North America, and in full operation mode in Major League Soccer’s Orlando SC stadium. Ticketmaster said it will continue to roll out the technology in venues throughout 2017 and into 2018.

While Lisnr has previously partnered with event marketing company Splash, its technology has also been used by vehicle manufacturer Jaguar as a replacement for key fobs.

Ticketing with Splash saw verifications completed in as little as 0.6 seconds, with an average of two seconds overall.

“Ticketmaster Presence replaces paper tickets with digital passes, and is our next generation venue access control and fan engagement platform,” said Justin Burleigh, executive vice-president, product for Ticketmaster North America. “Presences uses a variety of proximity-based digital technology like NFC, RFID, and even sound through our partnership with LISNR, to enhance the fan experience and provide a new tool for venues to decrease fraud and understand who is attending events.”

Speaking last year, Lisnr co-founder Chris Ostoich said the deployment of the technology would offer an enhanced service to consumers.

“From an attendee’s perspective, it almost eliminates the line,” he said. “It’s a passive check-in process rather than an active one. The faster we have attendees walk into an event, the sooner they can interact with what they’re there for.

“We always bring things to market with customers. We try not to be just a consumer of our own product but to validate it with partners. We’ve been working with a lot of partners and customers to see what they would need.”

Ticketmaster said recently that its Presence service aims to deliver one experience for season, plan or single ticket management. Ticketmaster’s native SDK allows for clubs or venues to offer complete ticket management from within their mobile app.

Venues install Presence, including mobile hardware and revamped software, for real time map-based attendance reporting, event set-up, and enhanced ticket management.

Lisnr’s smart tones constitute audio signals in the 18.75 kHz and 19.2kHz range and are completely inaudible to more than 90 per cent of humans.

Founded in 2012, Lisnr has raised more than $14m (£11.0m/€12.3m) since its inception and has some notable backers, including Intel. It was short-listed for the Product Innovation and Move to Mobile awards at this year’s Ticketing Technology Awards 2017.

In announcing its partnership with Lisnr, Danielle Alexander, general manager of the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator, said: “We are looking for and investing in technologies that simplify in-car connectivity and bring cars, devices and their users closer together.

“Lisnr is one of the most compelling technologies we’ve seen in this space, and we believe working with them will bring us closer to our goals of complete car and device connectivity.”

IMAGE: Lisnr