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UK music fans paying almost a third more than US counterparts

UK fans are paying almost a third more than US ticket buyers to see their favourite acts in concert, a study by the Sunday Times has found.

The newspaper assessed tour prices for 15 acts and found that the cheapest tickets were on average 28 per cent more expensive in the UK than the US.

Acts such as Katy Perry and Adele were all considerably more expensive at UK venues than in the US, while the Foo Fighters are charging £62 for concerts in the UK compared to £38 on the other side of the Atlantic.

Of the 15 artists, only U2, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga cost less to see in the UK.

Performing Rights Society fees are higher in Britain at three per cent of ticket sales compared with one per cent in the US. The Times also suggests that venue hire and the falling value of Sterling are factors in the disparity.

Speaking to the newspaper, Conservative MP Julian Knight, who was on the culture, media and sport select committee in the last parliament, said: “The problem is even deeper and widespread than highlighted by [the] report. All sporting bodies, clubs and event organisers need to take more responsibility to ensure fairness and transparency.”

The Times found that tickets are cheapest in Canada, at 35 per cent less than the UK. The survey also found they were cheaper in most of mainland Europe, although in Germany they are a third more expensive on average.

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