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Pandora’s artist marketing platform passes 1bn impressions

Pandora’s event discovery and marketing platform has passed a billion impressions.

The Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) allows artists to collect data on their audience to assist the decision-making process when looking at where to advertise or tour.

Streaming service Pandora launched the platform in 2014 and it has since been used by more than 11,000 artists who have produced 14,000 artist audio messages, which are direct messages to fans, that have been “heard by Pandora listeners a billion times”.

The milestone was reached soon after Pandora launched its Promote Show feature that uses the programme to endorse live appearances, as well as Promote Single that attaches a message to a featured track.

“Direct-to-fan marketing has never been better for artists and labels on Pandora. In two years, AMP has enabled thousands of artists to talk directly to their fans via Artist Audio Messages, resulting in over a billion listener impressions,” said Shamal Ranasinghe, vice-president (product) for creators, artists, and content operations at Pandora.

“Our new features continue to provide unprecedented ways for all artists on Pandora to connect with their fans, sell tickets, and break new music.”

The milestone comes at a time of upheaval for Pandora.

In addition to facing some financial difficulties of late, chief executive and co-founder of the company Tim Westergren left his position in late June.

Westergren departed after a $480m (£370m/€410m) investment from broadcasting company SiriusX. Pandora sold its Ticketfly ticketing business to Eventbrite for $200m.

In 2016, Pandora cashed in $5bn in revenue and $746m in net income, although it also lost $132m in the most recent quarter.