West Ham United has the most affordable ticket pricing in the English Premier League for local supporters, according to Ticketgum.com.

In a report, Ticketgum calculated how long residents of each of the 20 different towns and cities where the top-tier clubs are based would have to work in order to afford the best-priced adult season ticket based on the average weekly wage for the area using statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Fans of the East London-based team would only have to work 19 hours and 33 minutes in order to earn the cost of a season ticket at the London Stadium, making them the most affordable club in the league.

This report could explain how West Ham had sold 52,000 season tickets six weeks prior to the start of the season. The club’s new London Stadium home will be 87 per cent full by season ticket holders alone after selling its full allocation.

Thirteen out of the 20 teams would require its local residents to work more than 30 hours to afford the best-priced single adult season ticket for the upcoming 2017-18 season. That’s about 65 per cent of the league.

Meanwhile at the bottom of the table sits Liverpool with residents needing to work 48 hours and 18 minutes to bag a season ticket at Anfield. With locals needing to work the equivalent of six full days, Liverpool is the least affordable club in the Premier League.

Local Tottenham Hotspur fans would need to work six hours fewer than Liverpool fans, but they sit in the bottom two in 19th position.

While Arsenal ranks as the most expensive season ticket price in the Premier League at an eye-watering £891 ($1,160/€1,020), the London club sits in 17th position with its residents needing to put in 40 hours at work to obtain a pass to Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal even cut its cheapest season ticket by 12 per cent (£123) ahead of the 2017-18 season, but remain the dearest team by £141.

Back up at the top of the list, newly-promoted Huddersfield Town sits proudly in second place with its Yorkshire residents needing to work a mere 20 hours and 33 minutes to afford the best-priced season tickets for the John Smith’s Stadium.

A spokesperson for TicketGum.com said: “This research is certainly fascinating. Whilst the focus always tends to be on who offers the cheapest and most expensive season tickets in the Premier League based on just this price, this research provides a more insightful approach.

“With residents in the towns and cities the Premier League clubs are based in making a significant proportion of the season ticket holders. Taking into account the respective areas average weekly wages provides a better and truer indication of how affordable the season tickets really are for local supporters.”

Image: TicketGum.com