Ticketmaster is to launch in Switzerland in a move that could impact Ticketcorner’s proposed merger with fellow market leader Starticket.

Ticketmaster will make Switzerland the 30th country in which it has a presence when it teams up with local operator tixtec. The Swiss ticketing firm is headed by industry veteran George Egloff, who was the chief executive and co-owner of Ticketcorner for 20 years.

Ticketmaster said Switzerland is a “key market” in terms of its own European expansion plans. It added that the nation has “a growing live entertainment business and significant venues”, and that Swiss consumers and artists will “gain access to Ticketmaster’s world class service and innovative technology”.

Mark Yovich, president of Ticketmaster International, said: “We are excited to bring Ticketmaster to Swiss fans, introducing greater levels of service and choice in the ticketing sector in Switzerland and providing fans seamless access to our worldwide marketplace of events.

“Working with George Egloff and his team brings together our global experience with his invaluable understanding of the Swiss ticketing and live entertainment sector.”

Ticketmaster’s entry into the Swiss market in the second half of 2017 was predicted by Ticketcorner chief executive Andreas Angehrn earlier this year. He said his company’s merger with rival Starticket, which had been rejected by the Swiss Federal Competition Commission (Weko) as it would constitute a monopoly by gaining an “increasingly dominant position”, should be allowed to proceed as the market would soon be altered by Ticketmaster’s entry.

Speaking about his company’s strategic partnership with Ticketmaster, Egloff said: “Ticketmaster is the global leader in ticketing and to be part of the team that is bringing its technology and service to Switzerland is truly an honour.

“The collaboration represents a huge milestone in live entertainment, and will significantly benefit Swiss fans, venues, sports clubs and event organisers alike.”