iTICKET claims major contract thanks to partnership struck at TheTicketingBusiness Forum

New Zealand ticketing firm iTICKET has successfully delivered a major contract thanks to a partnership struck at TheTicketingBusiness Forum with a firm based 11,000 miles away.

iTICKET was selected over other multinationals to ticket the huge Waterview Tunnel opening events in Auckland, which attracted almost 70,000 attendees and significant media attention.

The company won the contract with The Well-Connected Alliance, an alliance of constructions companies working with the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) to build the tunnel.

iTICKET chief executive Reece Preston said that the demands of the project were unusual and complex. To ensure success, iTICKET brought in Danish technology firm Queue-it, who they had first become acquainted with at last year’s Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin (now rebranded as TheTicketingBusiness Forum).

“We anticipated big numbers, and knew that our lead time to get this right could potentially be very short,” Preston said.

“I attended a ticketing conference last year in Ireland [TheTicketingBusiness Forum] where I connected with some innovators in our industry. One of the people I met was the head of Queue-it, a company in Denmark who are doing great things with queuing software.”

iTICKET implemented Queue-it’s technology into their booking system as a safety net to manage web traffic for the tunnel opening events. Preston explained that the queuing software “streamlined bookings during extreme traffic peaks”.

iTICKET created a separate website for the Waterview events to enable a customised one-page booking experience.

Queue-it chief executive Niels Henrik Sodemann said: “We were excited to partner with iTICKET to expand our service to New Zealand and provide purchasers there with the smoothest experience possible when so many are seeking tickets.

“By applying our online queue system to the release of the tunnel tickets, iTICKET ensured a fair and informed experience for those pursuing tickets, and of course kept their systems online so that all of the tickets could be claimed without complication in less than a day.”