SocialLadder adds P2P integration to Eventbrite platform

SocialLadder has integrated its peer-to-peer marketing technology and brand ambassador management system with Eventbrite.

The integration allows event organisers to activate peer-to-peer marketing in one click by giving them direct access to SocialLadder’s network of on-demand ambassadors, and enabling attendees to secure tickets via their own social network circle.

This is the first on-platform extension for an ambassador marketing programme to be built on Eventbrite’s third-party API.

“Our partnership with Eventbrite means that the world’s largest ecosystem of event organisers can now discover new fans and seamlessly access the power of word-of-mouth marketing to increase tickets sales and drive buzz,” said Raavi Iqbal, SocialLadder’s chief executive and co-founder.

SocialLadder was founded four years ago to make professional ambassador teams accessible to organisers of events of all types and sizes. It sold millions of dollars’ worth of tickets in 2016 for thousands of events globally.

It said event organisers can now access qualified ambassadors from SocialLadder’s network, and build an event-specific ambassador team consisting of its most devoted fans and track the progress in real-time with the company’s technology.

“Eventbrite is focused on helping event organisers sell more tickets, and making the process of buying tickets as easy as possible, regardless of where people discover those events,” said Scott Van Brunt, head of partnerships at Eventbrite.

“Events are inherently social, and the integration with SocialLadder helps event creators sell out their shows by tapping into the networks of the most influential fans through the power of ambassador programmes.”