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Italian Serie A sees league increase of 30,000 season tickets led by AC Milan

Italy’s top tier football league Serie A has sold over 30,000 more season tickets compared to last year, with AC Milan boasting a 14,000-seat increase alone.

Between the 20 clubs in Italy’s top league, 282,683 season passes have been sold for the 2017-18 season, which is a 12-per-cent jump from the 251,895 sold during last year.

Milan and Inter Milan, who both occupy the 80,018-capacity San Siro stadium (pictured), have overtaken league champions Juventus, with both shifting close to 31,000 season seats.

Juventus Stadium, however, holds almost half the number of fans at a 41,000-capacity. The club’s 29,200 season tickets sold out almost immediately after going on sale, though the smaller stadium can’t compete with the Milan clubs as far as numbers go.

With 70 per cent of Juventus Stadium filled by season ticket holders for each game, the ground is likely to be sold out for every match, as it was during the 2016-17 season.

Milan jumped from 16,441 to its 31,000, making it the largest increase in the league, potentially due to its summer transfer campaign. Inter added around 3,000 additional season pass holders from 28,000.

Roma also saw an increase of 1,000 sales to 20,000, while Napoli remained constant at 5,888.

Other Serie A clubs that saw an increase this year include Atalanta, Benevento, Crotone, SPAL, Torino, Lazio, Udinese and Verona.

While most other teams remained fairly level on sales, Florentina saw a sharp drop of 3,000 fewer season passes, likely due to the fans being in conflict with the owning family.

Image: Oscar Federico Bodini