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Hull City found to have violated Premier League rules by scrapping concession ticket prices

English Championship football club Hull City has been found to have breached Premier League rules last season after it scrapped concession prices.

The club, which was relegated at the end of the season, attracted criticism from fans for scrapping senior citizen and junior supporters discounts.

An investigation by an independent commission has since revealed that the club must return to its concession price policy should the team return to the top tier of English football.

Hull City is not required to change its policies whilst it is still in the Football League, because its rules vary from that of the Premier League.

“During season 2016/17 the Premier League expressed concerns about Hull City’s ticketing policy and, following discussions with club officials, and a number of complaints from fans, charged the club with breach of its rules,” a Premier League statement said.

“A three-person independent commission was convened to consider the charge.

“The commission, comprised of John Machell QC (chair), Daniel Alexander QC and Steve Stride, found the club breached Premier League rule R.8 by not offering concessionary tickets to senior citizens or junior supporters.

“Following the commission’s decision Hull City has agreed, should the club be promoted to the Premier League in the future, that it will comply with Premier League rules regarding concessions.

“If the club is promoted between 2018 and 2022 it has committed to specifically offering at least 10 per cent of its home match tickets to senior citizens and juniors at a discount of no less than 10 per cent to standard ticket prices.

“The Commission found that Hull City acted in good faith throughout its inquiry.”

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