Organisers of political rock musical ‘That Bloody Woman’ have adjusted ticket prices to reflect a perceived gender pay gap in New Zealand.

Promoters of the musical, which honours the work of Kate Sheppard, the most prominent member of the women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand, announced that those who identify as women will pay 9.4 per cent less for tickets than men.

Statistics NZ revealed that the gender pay gap in the country sits at 9.4 per cent – which is reflected in the ticket pricing offer.

Scoop Culture said: “Kate Sheppard didn’t fight to win women the right to vote so that well over a hundred years later we’d still be fighting for equality. A gender pay gap of 9.4 per cent is an improvement, but it’s not enough.”

Since New Zealand was the first country to introduce universal suffrage in 1893, Sheppard’s work has had a considerable impact on women’s suffrage movements in several other countries. She also appears on the New Zealand ten-dollar note.

‘That Bloody Woman’ opens in Wellington at the Opera House on September 13 and runs through to Saturday, September 16.

Following a successful debut season in 2016, the musical was invited to join 2017’s Auckland Live’s International Cabaret Season, after being hailed by critics in The Press as: “a kick ass punk rock musical full of infectious tunes that is unafraid to have fun, but just as unafraid to bring intelligence and insight to this powerful and important moment in history”.

Image: Pixabay