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Viagogo is most complained about site in New Zealand

Viagogo is the most complained about website in New Zealand according to data released by the country’s competition enforcement and regulatory agency.

The ticketing agent was the subject of 57 complaints to the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZCC) during 2016-17. That put it clear of those just below it in the list of companies generating protests, such as LuxStyle Aps, Trade Me and Deal Man.

Viagogo was 10th in the overall list, with telecoms companies Vodafone and Spark taking the top two positions.

In total, the commission received 7,270 complaints in the 2016-17 year, with the majority falling under the Fair Trading Act. Just 21 traders were the subject of 20 per cent of all complaints to the Commerce Commission in the 12 months to the end of June, and giant telecommunications company Vodafone topped the list.

“Many of these traders are large retailers with a national presence and a high volume of sales,” the commission said.

“While a higher volume of sales might reasonably be expected to generate a higher number of complaints, this is not always the case.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that Viagogo had become the subject of an investigation by the NZCC following hundreds of complaints from the public.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean said at the time: “I think it’s appalling that people are being deceived by a website, and if it’s costing them a lot of money then that’s a real concern to me.”