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Empty seats greet Los Angeles Chargers’ NFL debut

Concerns about the future of the NFL in Los Angeles have been raised after the city’s two new teams attracted dismal crowds at the weekend.

The Chargers, who have switched from San Diego, did not even sell out the 27,000-seat StubHub Center for its first regular-season home game in Los Angeles, and only attracted a measly 25,381 fans for its game against Miami Dolphins.

The Rams, playing in the 93,000-capacity L.A. Coliseum after its move from St Louis last year, drew just 56,612 people to its game against Washington Redskins.

The two teams attracted a combined 82,000 – fewer than the 84,750 that watched University of Southern California’s (USC) college game against Texas at the Coliseum on Sunday.

In 2020, both the Rams and Chargers will share the under-construction 70,000-capacity Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park.

The Chargers’ attendance figure was bolstered by Miami fans, with celebrations at the end suggesting the Dolphins were actually the home team.


Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers told ESPN: “I thought there was great energy in the stadium. Obviously, the loudest roar came at the end after the missed field goal.

“That’s where you really got to see how many Dolphins fans there were. I heard the roar before I saw the official’s signal. I wasn’t sure which roar it was.”

IMAGE: Greg Beacham/Twitter