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Vet Tix switches to fully-automated system

Veteran Tickets Foundation has developed its own technology to create a fully-automated ticket distribution process.

Vet Tix, as it is informally known, is a non-profit organisation that gives away free entertainment and sports tickets to more than 600,000 military veterans across the US.

Through its new in-house technology, the organisation is ending the physical distribution of tickets.

Butch Hogan, Vet Tix founder, director and chief technology officer, said that the platform was being developed in 2009 to verify veterans and ensure that tickets were distributed evenly.

“As a non-profit we’ve done everything as cheaply as possible,” said Hogan, who has a staff of 14, according to Biz Journals. “We went from giving out the tickets in person to an automated system that sends out tickets without any human interaction. It’s been an ongoing evolution but really we became fully automated this year.”

Vet Tix accepts donated tickets from teams, promoters, venue managers, organisations, corporations and the general public to support its members in attended such events that would help them re-assimilate into the community. Hogan said this year they are expecting to give out close to one million tickets.

“It’s life changing because it means so much to our veterans,” said Hogan. “The tickets allow for re-bonding experiences, helps to re-integrate them back into society and helps them to get out in public, which many struggle with after coming home.”

Two to four tickets can be requested per event for verified current serving military, veterans and family members whose loved one was killed in action. There is also a comment section where extra tickets for larger families can be requested.

Vet Tix has also recently partnered with Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster, giving the organisation further options in terms of sporting events, and various other opportunities. The organisation is a partner of Live Nation, though its new deal with Ticketmaster provides a wider range of events.