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GeoTix live with ‘local ticket sales’ online platform

GeoTix, the innovative SaaS ticketing service, has now launched its online platform for localised event ticket sales.

The Michigan-headquartered company’s platform empowers local and regional media companies to grow both their digital portfolio and non-advertising revenue, while building their brand and role within their communities. The development follows the announcement in August that the company had received $1m in financing from Boomerang-Catapult and strategic investor Casey Cowell, co-founder of U.S. Robotics.

The GeoTix platform, which is already being used in more than 20 US cities, connects event discovery with ticket purchase locally, reversing the trend of turning audiences over to national providers. GeoTix contends that by keeping ticket sales local, media companies can create new revenue streams and capture customer data.

“Media companies make an initial investment to produce local event content that serves their communities, but are losing out on a huge opportunity by sending their audiences away to a national ticket seller who then pockets a $3-5 per-ticket fee,” said Deb Fellows, CEO at GeoTix.

“By taking on a direct role in providing tickets to their own local events as well as events throughout the region, they can cut out the middleman to generate new revenue, build out their email databases, and make their brand more relevant to consumers and event organisers alike.

“Furthermore, rather than consumer dollars going to a small group of national ticket sales giants or social media behemoths, those dollars stay within the local community — a win-win for both consumers and the local media companies that serve them.”

GeoTix is being used by companies in cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis and New York, with some having seen a “significant increase in revenue” since adopting the technology.

IMAGE: GeoTix/Martin Fisch (logo added)