Gigantic has put a rocket into event ticketing after developing a wireless technology solution to serve London’s famous Crystal Palace Fireworks.

As with many events, high demand partnered with cash transactions and long ticket queues created problems for organisers.

They turned to ticket vendor Gigantic, who came up with an innovative ticketing solution that included wireless networked access control with real time reporting on admittance by location, time and ticket type. As a result, according to organisers, the dreaded queues all but disappeared as the event sold out for the first time in 2016.

The two have paired up again ahead of this year’s event on November 5.

Event organiser Charlie Staddon said: “We tried to fix the problems ourselves. We knew we needed to bring the event into the 21st century so we introduced pre-sale tickets and a ticket system that we managed in-house. It doubled the number of attendees, but we struggled to cope, so in came Gigantic to our rescue.

“People used to queue up to 30 minutes to pay cash entry and now we hardly have any queues at all! Gigantic turn up on the night with their wireless scanners and access on all three gates runs smoothly.

“With 20,000 people needing to get onto the Crystal Palace Park in time to enjoy the displays, being able to trust Gigantic with all of the ticketing and access management is a massive benefit to me as the organiser.”

Mark Gasson, Gigantic’s founder, said: “We began working with Crystal Palace Fireworks in 2015 and have helped grow the event into one of the biggest and best firework nights in the UK.

“We’re delighted to be able to demonstrate how the right ticketing partner can help transform a good event into a great one and we’re looking forward to developing our relationship further.”

IMAGE: Geralt