Online ticketing provider 365Tickets has rolled out its partnership deal with adventure attractions firm Paragon Skydive.

Paragon Skydive provides adventurous tourists with the chance to take part in a tandem skydive over the Grand Canyon. The ticketing company is now offering a selection of Las Vegas-based experiences, with the Grand Canyon Skydive Adventures being a part of that collective.

365Tickets USA will be endorsing three types of products with Paragon Skydive, including the Naked Skydive, which is the tandem experience, while The Canyon Experience includes a video of the guest’s achievement. The Extreme Experience is an offering that allows thrill-seekers to guide their own parachutes.

“The timing is perfect for the addition of new and diverse attractions as high season approaches in Las Vegas and other desert locations,” said Dino Cappello, president of 365Tickets USA.

“We are currently adding several new attractions in Las Vegas that showcase the city in a non-gaming scenario which is completely in line with our goal of making family-friendly attractions as affordable as possible. This is a thrilling, yet family-friendly, activity.

“Finding attractions that are thrilling, but also great for families, is a big focus which makes Paragon Skydive an ideal partner for us.

“Those are the types of activities that families talk about for years. We are thrilled to be working with them and promoting this experience in the US, but also to be promoting them on our global network consisting of 14 countries.”

Image: Ann W