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Skiddle swipes right on its new Tinder-like review feature

Skiddle has adopted Tinder-like technology to let music fans and gig-goers swipe left or right to review events, club nights and festivals.

The feature has been introduced by the event and ticketing outlet in an effort to improve transparency, promote good events and weed out poor ones.

Music fans will easily be able to rate the success of an event by swiping left or right, depending on how much they enjoyed a set.

Swiping right for yes and left for no, just as with Tinder, the platform will prompt users to rate an event as soon as they leave the venue.

Skiddle claims the feature is one of the most accurate reviewing platforms on the market, with updates available on the app in real-time, free of charge.

The process takes less than a minute, with other aspects of the event being available to rate and review, such as the venue itself, drinks prices and atmosphere.

Ben Sebborn, co-founder and director of Skiddle, said: “In the past, the process of reviewing events has been slow and clunky, meaning many music fans haven’t had a proper opportunity to speak out. This means poor experiences go undocumented, leading to more disappointing and unsatisfying events in the future.

“We want to overhaul the way gig-goers rate their evenings, making sure the industry becomes more transparent.

“This new swipe feature will ensure music fans have their say in a fun and hassle-free way, capturing thoughts in real-time. There is no room for poorly organised or badly managed events to hide.

“The feedback will be available to everyone: fans, promoters and venues and will paint the most accurate picture of the live scene on the market and will help organisers better arrange events going forwards.

“Our industry is driven by customers, so it’s incredibly important that their voices are heard. This new feature is being rolled out in the coming weeks and is designed to do just that.”