Eventbrite has further expanded its network through a deal with event technology provider Taquilla.com, its first Spanish distribution partner.

Under the agreement, Taquilla.com will list all public events in Spanish-speaking countries that sell tickets via Eventbrite. It will also offer a fully integrated ticket purchase process that minimises the steps necessary to buy tickets.

Madrid-based Taquilla.com is an event ticket search engine that allows users to find the best price for cultural and leisure activities. The site hosts more than 2.8 million registered events in more than 20,000 venues. In 2016, Taquilla.com processed €10.5m in gross tickets sales.

“Finding and buying tickets on Taquilla.com without ever leaving the app or the website is a much more intuitive, faster way to get into your favourite event”, said Frans Jonker, Eventbrite’s general manager for continental Europe.

“Rather than trying to pull consumers away from where they are online, Eventbrite allows event creators to meet their audience where they are anyway: at places like Taquilla.com or Facebook, where potential attendees are looking for their next memorable experience. We call this approach Distributed Commerce or Purchase Anywhere, and it is changing the future of ticket sales. And it will benefit our event organisers, who are able to sell more tickets and in turn grow their revenues by reaching their fans at this crucial intersection.”

The new integration will provide Eventbrite promoters with access to Taquilla’s 7.5 million user base.

David Fraga, Taquilla.com’s chief executive and founder, said: “We now list about 95 per cent of all available online tickets in Spain. Eventbrite will complete our event’s inventory, the largest one in Spain, and will help achieve our mission: that thanks to Taquilla.com everyone can find any ticket, at any time and at the best price. Besides, it will be an outstanding partner in our future expansion to other countries”.

Taquilla joins Spotify, Facebook and Google as part of Eventbrite’s distribution network.